Services Overview

Pawnee Waste (PW) caters to the wide-ranging needs of the region’s commercial and industrial segments, from O&G exploration and production (E&P) activities, onto industrial manufacturing and production as well as commercial construction and demolition (C&D).

Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and advanced processing techniques, PW is able to accept an extensive scope of solid and liquid waste streams including but not limited to:


Industrial Waste

  • Petroleum Contaminated Soils
  • Oil, gas spills and cleanups (upstream, midstream, downstream, etc)
  • Remediation projects
  • Petroleum refinery products
  • Industrial processes wastes
  • Other industrial waste

C&D Waste

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Roll offs
  • Other C&D waste

E&P Waste

  • Drill cuttings and muds/slurries
  • Flowback liquids and solids
  • Production/tank battery waste
  • Gas plant waste
  • Reclamation/remediation waste
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Other E&P Waste


  • CDPHE Part 20 Approved facility

Specialized Waste

  • For more specialized waste streams, please contact us directly to discuss custom solution options tailored to your specific waste needs